October 26, 2021

On Demand Service Ready To Go – Multi Vendors RealTime Live WorldWide


On Demand Service[with Admin App] Be a Provider or Get Providers, Book them, Make your Work…
Real-Time Live GPS Tracking System . Full System is made with RealTime Live GPS

Sign up as an Customer and can see all available Providers live on the map all the time.Contact with them and Do your work easily and fast.
Signup as a Provider and share your live location on the map, set your Available status On/Off. Get your Customers easily.
Admin approval needed for Providers as well as Admin can disapprove any Provider anytime.

Main Idea About The App:

  • After a Provider’s signup, he has to send a request to the admin for approval. After Admin giving him approval, he can access the Provider Section and can set his available status on/off from here… Without Admin Approval, The Provider will not show live on the App – Customers can not see the Provider
  • when a Provider is approved by the admin, The Provider have to “ON” his available status in “Provider section” For going to Live on the map for Customers.
  • If a Provider “OFF” his “Available status” in “Provider Section” that means he is booked/not available, Customers can not see him on the map.
  • If a Provider “ON” his “Available status” in the Provider Section” that means he is free/Available, Customers can see him Live on the map.
  • Admin can disapprove any Provider any time from admin app.If Admin disapproves any Provider, the Provider can not access the “Provider Section” and can not “ON” the available status.
    Customers can not see him. He needs to send request to admin again for approval and if he will get approval from admin, then he can “ON” the available status on “Provider Section” for showing live on the map for visitors and getting customers
  • Customers can signup and can see all available Providers Live on the map and can book them by calling.
    customers can not access “Provider Section” and can not send Approval request to Admin. They can see the Available Providers Live Realtime
    Only and can call/text them.
  • A Provider can see other available Providers Live Realtime on the map, This makes a Competition Between them
  • Approved Providers can set their available status on/off from the “Provider Section” anytime

NOTE: [We set demo Providers here: We can change the caterory of the Providers/Providers-type according to your needs. After purchase email/whatsapp us please for any kind of modification. lots of Provider-categories/types can be added (no limit)]








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  • Android Studio 
  • Android Phone(Android 7 to Android 11)
  • Firebase Account [Cost Free]
  • Maps Sdk For Android api [life time Cost free from google ]
  • Little bit Basic Knowledge of android programming if you want to change something by your own


See our documentation and Reskin pdf…Everything is given here

Top Features

  • Private Network with firebase
  • Available Providers Live On the Map
  • Can Call any Available Provider From the app
  • One App Built with Two system – For Customer and Provider Both
  • Search Providers
  • Location Sharing
  • Get Your Location
  • Location details
  • Admin Approval
  • Live Locations

Download Our Demo App for Providers and Customers

Please use your own phone numbers for signup in the main app

Download Our Demo App for Admin

AdminEmail : admin.ondemandservice@softexpo.com
Adminpass : admin123

You will get Free updates & reliable customer support all the time

What you will get ?

  • Android studio source code[Full Backend + Full FrontEnd]
  • Full documentation and Reskin pdf file
  • 24×7 full support ( You can Email us Anytime. we will reply within 24 Hours.)

Our Services (if you want After Purchase):

  • If you want, we will provide you modification/reskins like changing app name, app icon, package names,images,colors etc etc..
  • If you want, We provide you a firebase Network
    setup with Full private network with apis
  • We can create a Ready-Made app/Apk file for you with your own informations, if you want
  • If you want modifications, we can modify the app/source code for you
  • We can add payment gateway for you

After Purchase, if you want our services, Please
Email us at softexpoitlimited@gmail.com or whatsapp us at https://wa.me/message/QYS7CTJ4…


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