October 26, 2021

One Click Security – WordPress Protection


One Click - WordPress Security - 1 One Click - WordPress Security - 2 One Click - WordPress Security - 3

Start protecting your website strongly without the need for setup and code information. You can run this plugin with one click.

  • Fast, secure and easy.
  • Best WordPress Protection Settings
  • Web Bot Scanner & Bad Bot Blocker
  • Fake Search Engine Bot Blocker
  • Unnecessary Traffic Bots Blocker
  • Security Header Settings
  • Spam Bot, Spam Comment and Brute-Force Blocker
  • REST API Protection
  • WPScan, Web WordPress Scan and etc. Blocker
  • WordPress, JavaScript and CSS Version Remover
  • SQL Injection Blocker
  • HTTP XML Injection Blocker
  • WordPress XML:RPC Attacks Blocker

Plugin works with all the themes and plugins. You just need to activate the plugin and that it. This plugin is quite fast and will not strain your site.

All these settings can be done with one click!